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A new and improved way to make tinctures.
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At Nature’s Pulse we have leveraged ultrasonic sound technology and implemented it in our extraction process, delivering a much more potent, nutrient-dense formula.
By pulsating sonic sound waves in our blends, we break down the cell structures and release all the bioactive phytochemical compounds that are rich in nutrients with superiority.
Nature's Pulse. Ultrasonic Process
Sonification is also a mild extraction technique that is non-thermal, preventing degradation throughout the entire process. It is an exciting time for innovation. Come join us on this journey!


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After meeting with some of the most experienced herbalists we developed unique formulas made with ingredients that have been used safely and effectively for centuries. Many studies support our blends that date back to traditional Chinese and Indian medicine.
We use only the highest quality herbs and mushroom fruiting bodies that are certified organic or holistically wildcrafted. Our series of products mix all the beneficial properties of mushrooms, herbs, roots, and tree bark in a concentrated tincture form.

Extracting the best that mother nature has to offer: Reishi, Chaga, Ashwagandha, Echinacea, Milk Thistle, and Elderberry amongst many others!

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Sleepy Head has been tremendous to me. It helped me regain my sleep cycle, wake up refreshed and fall asleep fast. This little bottle is a game changer!!

- Brenda Lanza -

I had never heard of ultrasonic tinctures before, I was a little skeptical about it but i decided to give it a shot and let me tell you, they are WAY more potent than any other brand I've tried. Thank you Nature's Pulse!

- Samantha Rodriguez -

Delivery was fast and efficient, nice simple packaging. I bought tune up and brain food in a combo and they have been great. Brain Food keeps me concentrated at work without a crash and Tune-up has helped me recover from some wild nights many times.

- Michael Franco -