Getting sick at work

Getting sick at work

Every year around this time 'flu season' starts. This means that you will probably encounter people from your work who are sick and if you haven't done anything to strengthen your immune system, you will probably catch the flu.

If someone from work comes down with a fever and starts sneezing into their handkerchiefs it is wise to be careful around them. As the most common way the flu spread is through coughing and sneezing, if you do not want to get sick it is best that you avoid physical contact as much as possible and wash your hands regularly. If someone at work has caught the flu and they cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze, you should also eat with fork and spoon in stead of using your fingers whenever possible.

Drink plenty of water! Fluids help unclog congestion so try sipping on hot lemon honey drink throughout the day.

You can keep your symptoms at bay by taking tinctures or natural remedies. Elderberry extract is the go-to remedy for flu symptoms, whether you are hit with symptoms early on or during the peak of symptoms, elder berry extract will help relieve them. Echinacea purpurea is also very good to take throughout 'flu season' as it strengthens your immune system and helps protect against colds and flus.

Nettle tea also makes a great preventative drink! It is high in iron which prevents anemia (and therefore tiredness), purifies your blood and acts as a tonic - all of which will help strengthen your body's resistance to common pathogens.

Just remember that prevention is better than cure!