Your grandmother remedies are coming back

Your grandmother remedies are coming back

For many of us, gathering remedies from nature was something we learned at grandma's knee. From tinctures of oil-rich mugwort to tarty tincture of tansy, these folk remedies were passed on lovingly through generations by women who knew that they worked.

But now that natural tinctures are not the stuff of everyday medicine cabinets,  does that mean that grandma was wrong? Of course not! If anything she was often ahead of her time and has only recently been proven correct.

Tinctures and tonics have been around for centuries - but they fell out of favor when pharmaceutical drugs became popular in the mid 20th century.

These days tinctures are making a comeback as more people realize their power to heal - and they're not just for the old folk remedies.

If you want evidence that tinctures work then look no further than the wildcrafted tincture of mushrooms that is reported to greatly extend life spans in laboratory mice.

The tincture works by stimulating stem cells - these are the "mother" cells which produce all new cells, so when you stimulate them your body repairs damage at a very deep level. This includes delaying ageing of the brain which means that age-related conditions like Alzheimer's don't even begin to occur as frequently... thought it will be a while before this tincture reaches pharmacies!

Ultrasonic tincture tonics have been embraced by professional sports people who use tinctures to boost their recovery.

The tincture is usually applied at body temperature via an ultrasound machine, allowing penetration into the muscle tissue. This tincture is then absorbed quickly through the soft tissues - it even works on hard-to-get-at areas like joints and tendons which are fed by blood vessels deep under the skin... provided you use tincture tonics with tingly, warming tingly tinctures!

You've got nothing to lose by trying tinctures as they come completely without side effects - but there's every reason to give them a go because tinctures can help balance your hormones, encourage new cell growth for improved skin tone, boost cardiovascular health, and much more.

Just because grandma used tinctures and tonics for everything from arthritis to warts does not mean that tinctures will work in the same way for you - your grandmother's tinctures were made from plants that grew locally to her, and these tincture tonics may not suit you perfectly.  That said, they're certainly worth giving a go if they sound like something you would benefit from!

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