About uS

Brand promise

To harness the wellness of mother nature and give it back to humanity.
Our company is proud to provide a series of products that blend all the beneficial properties of mushrooms, herbs, barks, and fruits that our earth has to offer. Our goal is to deliver an accessible means by which people can reconnect with the ancient holistic remedies - now lost in western medicine.
Our inspiration came during the pandemic when we realized how disconnected the pharmaceutical industry is to its approach to our health. Then it developed after we realized how expensive and mild natural health products can be. We wanted to create a product that was more effective so we went straight to research to find the best method possible.
On our path to discovery, we noticed that herbs and mushrooms are rarely combined in tinctures and that all these products were made in the same traditional method that has existed for centuries.

Where has the innovation gone all these years?

Upon recent advances in ultrasonic technology, we discovered its usefulness in different industries such as food and beverage, navigation, and the medical field.

We decided to introduce this new method in our products to revolutionize the industry and we haven't looked back since.